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Anacondas are the largest snakes in the world, as they grow to average lengths between 12 to 16 feet.. These snakes call the thick rainforests of South America home. There are four types of anaconda, which are all aquatic boas.
Description Sub-Species Classification  


Latin Name: Eunectes spp. Average Length: 12 - 16 feet
Distribution: South America  


1. Eunectes beniensis - Bolivian Anaconda
2. Eunectes deschauenseei - Dark-Spotted Anaconda
3. Eunectes murinus - Green Anaconda
4. Eunectes notaeus - Yellow Anaconda


- Kingdom: Animalia
 - Phylum: Chordata
  - Class: Reptilia
   - Order: Squamata
    - Suborder: Serpentes
     - Family: Boidae
      - Genus: Eunectes

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