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Burmese Python

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The Burmese Python is a very large, thick and heavy snake. They are semi-aboreal and are native to forests in southern Asian countries including Burma and Indonesia. Wild populations of Burmese Pythons are now thought of as 'theatened'. The Burmese Python is quite popular as exotic pets, and captive breeding have helped to keep the wild populations stable.
Description Classification    


Latin Name: Python molurus bivittatus Conservation Status: Threatened
Distribution: Southern Asia Average Length: 8 -12 feet
Maximum Length: Recorded at 27 feet  


- Kingdom: Animalia
 - Phylum: Chordata
  - Class: Reptilia
   - Order: Squamata
    - Suborder: Serpentes
     - Family: Boidae
      - Subfamily: Pythonidae
       - Genus: Python
        - Species: P. molurus
         - Subspecies: P. m. bivittatus

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