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Next to the Chimpanzee, the Gorilla is the closest living relative of humans. They are the largest of the primates.
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Latin Name: Gorilla spp. Average Height: 5' 7"
Distribution: Africa Average Weight: 150 kg


The Gorilla genus is made up of 2 species. As of 2006, there has been debate over dividing Gorilla's into four or five subspecies as well. The female Gorilla is about half the size of males. All gorillas get around by what is termed 'knuckle walking'. The average lifespan of a Gorilla is about 40 years. These mammals are mainly vegetarians, once in a while eating insects. Gorillas have individual finger prints as well, just like humans.


This listing takes into account the debate over classifying Gorillas with subspecies.
1. Gorilla gorilla - Western Gorilla
      Gorilla gorilla diehli - Cross River Gorilla
      Gorilla gorilla gorilla - Western Lowland Gorilla
2. Gorilla beringei - Eastern Gorilla
      Gorilla beringei beringei - Mountain Gorilla
      Gorilla beringei graueri - Eastern Lowland Gorilla

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