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North American Beaver

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The North American Beaver, most commonly known only as the Beaver, is one of the national symbols of Canada. They are often considered pests.
  North American Beaver in the water
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Latin Name: Castor canadensis Conservation Status: Least Concern
Distribution: Canada, USA, Northern Mexico  
The North American Beaver is a rodent native to North America. They are semi-aquatic, but spend most of their day in the water. They are slow moving on land, and are easily scared. They are excellent swimmers, and their bodies are well adapted for water. Their tails are large, flat, and paddle-like, while their feet are webbed. The North American Beaver can stay under water for up to 15 minutes at a time. These pesky rodents are well known for creating dams in waterways, often resulting in the flooding of the surrounding areas.

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