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Visit these other sites for more information on animals, and a wide variety of other subjects.
Each animal in our lists will have their own resources as well.
  Animals - Wild  
Animal Skull Collection, by DeLoy Roberts
A biology/zoology teacher at Skyline High School in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The collection is a result of many years of collecting by both myself and my biology and zoology students.
Animals of the Kaweah River Delta Region
View images and read about the diverse animals that call Kaweah Oaks Preserve home. KOP, a nature preserve in the great Central Valley of California.
Celebrating the Animal Kingdom
A comprehensive animals index.
Morris the Tortoise's Wild World of Animals
Original articles about animals, and links to other animal-related sites.
The Wildlifeweb
Dedicated to the study and conservation of animals.
Animal Angels
Animal Angels provides rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and sanctuary for any and all abused, neglected or abandoned animals.
  Interest Sites
Hints and Things
Advice, hints, help, tips and information to make every day life a little easier covering subjects such as DIY, motoring, gardening, stain removal, recipes, puzzles, health, beauty and much, much more.
Jonathan Pomroy
Wildlife and Landscape Artist
  Photography & Art
Focus Wildlife
Ilia Shalamaev is a Nature and Wildlife photographer whose images are offered for sale in digital or printed format. A wide variety of birds, wildlife and nature pictures are shown on his web site.
The Dinosaur Art of Joe Tucciarone
This gallery contains over fifty paintings of popular prehistoric beasts. Each illustration is accompanied by information about the size, weight, diet, geologic period, and year in which the animal was discovered.
  Teachers Resources  
Sites For Teachers  

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