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Sea Otter

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The Sea Otter is the largest and heaviest of all the otters, and is also one of the worlds endangered mammals. These otters can be found in the North Pacific ocean. Sea Otters are also known for having the densest fur of any mammal.
  Sea Otter "waving"


Latin Name: Enhydra lutris Conservation Status: Endangered
Distribution: North Pacific Ocean (Japan to California) Maximum Length: 1.5 m
Maximum Weight: 100 lbs

The Sea Otter population has been falling for a few hundred years. Hunting exterminated them from many parts of the world. Recent efforts have begun to help the Sea Otter population grow. They live in shallow coastal waters, normally around rocky areas.

Over the years the Sea Otter has been hunted extensively largely for their thick fur. Their thick fur helps them survive very cold conditions throughout the Pacific ocean. The paws of Sea Otters are very strong which helps them swim through rough water conditions. Under each paw is a pouch which they carry and store food in. They are excellent swimmers and have been known to carry a rock with them to aid in breaking open the hard shells of their prey.


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